To start let's expose something

about me

Independent, open minded, innovative and curios. Responsible and organised. I’m an active person with ease and interest in learning. Passionate about design. I’ve both, a rational and creative mind, just a perfect combination to solve user needs in the best way. My wish is to solve problems, that’s by I look for the whys of everything.


My greatest expertise revolve in the worlds of interactive design, UX, brand identity and editorial design. When I design I put all my effort to combine my skills and experience so the client and the final users can receive the leading solution for it, the most intuitive experience.


I’ve clear goals and ambitions, I fight for it! I’m sure of myself. I enjoy what I do and I believe in it.

Well I can safely say yes, I am happy every morning when I wake up, I know that I am doing what I want and what I love.

I am never getting bored!